Standalone Titles by Sara Mitchell

A Most Unusual Match by Author Sara MitchellA MOST UNUSUAL MATCH - Now Available!

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Theodora Langston has come to Saratoga Springs on a mission. Using the last of her inheritance, she reinvents herself as a wealthy socialite. Her goal—to entrap the scoundrel who framed her grandfather. Instead, she draws the attention of Secret Service agent Devlin Stone, who sees through all her secrets and possesses some of his own.

Helping Theodora could jeopardize Devlin's undercover assignment to catch a counterfeiter. Yet beneath their assumed identities lies a true connection that could restore his faith, and help her put vengeance aside.

Until Theodora's dangerous quest places both their lives—and their blossoming love—in jeopardy.



Mistletoe Courtship by Sara Mitchell and Janet TronstadMISTLETOE COURTSHIP - Featuring The Christmas Secret by Sara Mitchell

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In The Christmas Secret, Clara Penrose's bluestocking ways have branded her a spinster among Virginia's elite.

Yet a reunion with Dr. Ethan Harcourt rekindles feelings Clara thought long lost.

Her second chance finally here, Clara needs only to catch the good doctor under the mistletoe!



The Widows Secret by author Sara MitchellTHE WIDOW'S SECRET

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A marriage of convenience that ends in destruction.

A scandal, a shunning, a devastating secret

Brought together by a gold watchcase filled with counterfeit goods, widow Jocelyn Tremayne and U.S. Secret Service agent Micah MacKenzie seek truth and justice in a deadly maze of deception.  

At every corner, one question haunts them both:  What is counterfeit and what is real?


Legacy of Secrets by Sara MitchellLEGACY OF SECRETS
Winner of the 2008 RT Reviewers' Choice Award for Best Love Inspired Historical!

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A Deadly Inheritance…

Amid the splendors and miseries of the Gilded Age, Neala Shaw suddenly finds herself entirely alone. The innocent young heiress—penniless now—has no choice but to face her family’s fatal legacy of secrets and lies. And as she flees from a ruthless killer, nothing stands between her and certain death but a man unlike any she has ever known.

Grayson Faulkner’s years as a detective, Army scout, and bounty hunter have marked him forever, leading him far from his once strong values. But as he seeks to protect this very special young woman—masquerading as her suitor, to save her reputation and her very life—he begins to wonder if her selfless love and limitless faith could somehow guide even him home…


Montclair by Sara MitchellMONTCLAIR

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A driven woman.  A determined man.  A desperate outcast...  And a perfect love that has the power to destroy fear.

A tragic riding accident has left former Olympic hopeful Sabrina Mayhew terrified to ride again. Ashamed that even her faith has been unable to overcome the debilitating panic, she determines to craft a new career for her life, apart from the equestrian world.  Until she is confronted by Hunter Buchanan, the world famous owner of the Montclair Equestrian Center. 

The beauty and tranquillity of Montclair and Hunter's never-let-go style, begin to ease away the fear gripping Sabrina's heart. But it takes two of God's crippled and abused creatures—one a man and one a horse—to help Sabrina realize that a broken spirit is not without hope.