The Sinclair Legacy Series

Shenandoah Home by Sara MitchellSHENANDOAH HOME

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Two Mysteries to Unravel. Two Loves to Be Discovered. One Faith to be Sparked Anew.

All their lives, sisters Garnet and Meredith wonder why their father hid mysterious objects in the secret drawers of their heartwood chests. But it will take two special men, and God’s perfect timing, for them to begin to see the answer through their Father’s eyes.

The cardinal feather- Free-spirited Garnet Sinclair has a growing reputation as a pen-and-ink artist—and a secret she has entrusted to only one man: Dr. Sloan MacAllister. But Sloan has a shadowed past of his own, one he must confront if he is to win the courageous and beautiful redhead who has captured his heart.

The gingerbread girl- Meredith, Garnet’s stubborn older sister, desires a fulfilling career…and love. Wealthy businessman J. Preston Clarke seems to be the answer to her prayers. But all is not as it appears, and Meredith will walk through fire before she finds true love in the last place she would ever dream.



Virginia Autumn by Sara MitchellVIRGINIA AUTUMN

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A Devoted Father. A Searching Daughter. The Miracle and Mystery of Faith Could Change Them Both Forever.

Long ago, master furniture maker Jacob Sinclair created a “heartwood” chest with a secret compartment for each of his three daughters. Now his youngest child, Leah, and Jacob himself, will make amazing discoveries about themselves, their Creator, and their own capacity to love, as God moves in their lives one Virginia Autumn.

The flower bulb- Spinster schoolteacher Leah Sinclair lives by intellect and reason, unable to relate to the full-hearted faith of her father and sisters. Yet the dogged pursuit of a devout naturalist suddenly brings Leah face to face with her doubts and fears—and the possibility that love can bloom where she least expects it.

The widowed craftsman- With his daughters fully grown, Jacob faces an uncertain future. He is too old for adventure, and too young to cease working. However, when terribly scarred concert pianist Fiona Carlton enters his life, he begins to suspect that he is not—and never will be—too old for love.

A 2003 top three Christy Award finalist, and 2003 winner Georgia Romance Writers Maggie Award of Excellence, Historical category