The Shadow Catchers Series

Trial of the Innocent by Sara MitchellTRIAL OF THE INNOCENT


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Some say the eyes are the windows of the soul… 

Despite Eve’s Sheridan’s misgivings, on a sunny June day in 1893 her younger sister Rebecca marries a man who might be too good to be true. The handsome, debonair Giles Dawson takes his lovely bride away to live with him in a dream cottage in England, yet Rebecca’s letters to Eve convey a tone of uncertainty as well as a sense of danger.

Desperate to uncover the truth and protect her sister, Eve is thrust into a maelstrom of intrigue and terror, and is forced to turn to the one man she cannot trust—Alexander MacKay, a detective for Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency. Surrounded by evil men at every turn, embroiled in a case that might cost her life, Eve struggles to trust God’s sovereign purpose, as well as the man who is willing to follow her across the ocean to protect her.


In the Midst of Lions by Sara MitchellIN THE MIDST OF LIONS


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Forced to live a lie, she was caught in the whirlwind of her father’s betrayal… 

In the 1890s, on the eve of a brand-new century, America exudes prosperity, technological marvels—and complacency. But the lust for power breeds corruption, and against the deceptive charm of Old-South honor and tradition emerges a tale of intrigue, and murder.

Under the name of Elizabeth Granger, a young woman accepts the position of nanny for wealthy railroad baron Horatio Crump Junior’s five children, while secretly pursuing her quest to clear her real family name of a dark secret.  During the War Between the States, her father stole a quarter of a million dollars in gold from his two partners—Horatio Crump, Sr. and Booker Rattray. Suspicious of the silent shadows that haunt her past, Pinkerton Detective Agency operative Simon Kincaid weaves in and out of Elizabeth’s life as he stalks a predator who preys on the helpless. But it is Elizabeth who stumbles upon the sinister plot, putting her life in jeopardy and threatening the only happiness she has ever known. Will this lamb of God prevail “in the midst of lions?”


Randsomed Heart by Sara MitchellRANSOMED HEART**


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The search for her missing brother becomes a fight for her life… 

An international jewel thief known only as the Catbird breaks into a lavish Denver mansion during a reception for a British earl. His daring robbery is interrupted by Rosalind Hayes, who becomes the only living person able to recognize him. Rosalind, however, is more interested in finding her missing brother than worrying over possible danger from the Catbird.

Only after her life is threatened does Rosalind reluctantly join forces with Adam Moreaux, a Pinkerton operative who has been chasing the Catbird for years. Together they discover that both her brother and the Catbird have unwittingly become linked by the disappearance of the Petrovna Parure, a famous setting of Russian jewels. 

Torn by fear for her brother and a growing fascination with the notorious thief, Rosalind’s pursuit leads her, and Adam, to a dangerous confrontation in the Rocky Mountains, where her life as well as her faith hang in the balance.

**part of the Shadow Catchers series, but published as a standalone title