Author Sara Mitchell (authorphoto2.jpg)One of the earliest writers in the inspirational fiction market, Sara Mitchell has established a reputation for writing complex yet entertaining stories. The variety of her novels - from contemporary inspirational romances, to historical suspense and historical love stories- illustrates Sara’s commitment to story and character more than to a particular time period, though her heart for now has settled in the historical period known as late Victorian-early Edwardian, roughly 1885-1905.

All her books, whether contemporary or historical, reflect her love of words, her trademark exhaustive research for authenticity—and her desire to create characters readers want to take home with them.

“It remains a daily amazement,” Sara confides, “how much God cares about us fallible humans, and I try to illustrate that fundamental truth in every book I write. Knowing human nature, there’s never a shortage of flaws to inflict upon my characters. Part of the joy of writing books from a Christian world view is that I can share a faith honed over half a century of my own failures and frailties.”

Through the vehicle of fiction, Sara’s abiding goal is to remind readers that real people, not just fictional characters, can choose to press beyond their fears and doubts to a life of hope, watered by a wellspring of joy.

“Some writers seek to touch minds. My prayer is that God’s grace enables my books to awaken minds—and touch hearts,” Sara says.

When she’s not writing, Sara enjoys rummaging around cluttered antique shops, browsing historical photos, shopping for bargains in any kind of store that is NOT crowded, and playing her 1870s rosewood Steinway piano. She gave up on sewing, knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking and regular exercise. She has learned, however, to embrace gardening on a small scale, unless she encounters grubs or slugs. Earthworms are fine.

Sara lives in Virginia, within yearning distance of the Blue Ridge Mountains. She is the mother of two grown daughters.